Sunday, August 12, 2012

New PR

I am absolutely SHOCKED with my time today.  The last 10K I did I took the first 5K out pretty slow (well, compared to most everyone all my times are quite slow) and then worked the last 5K pretty hard, negative splitting each km (every km was marked) and broke an hour by 30 seconds.  I started out DFL and ended up 2nd or 3rd to last.  Down here unless you're under an hour, you're pretty much last.  My previous 10K had been 1:05 so I was super happy with that time as I really never imagined I'd ever break an hour.  I'm old and slow and I just figured I'd stay around an hour forever.  That race was a nice reminder that we old folks can get faster as we age.  After getting chen-chen covering my ass and my ride Saturday showing me my legs were quite dead IF I managed to get up at 5am and get to Cancun, I knew I was looking at being DFL again and being over an hour.  I don't know why I decided to do the run anyway; we had planned on riding out on Ruta de los Cenotes afterwards and I told Jamie I just didn't think I could sit on a bike seat so that was out, but I was curious about the shirt and I guess that was enough to get me out of bed at 5 this morning.

I had decided,before the chen-chen infestation and the dead legs on yesterdays's bike ride, that I wanted to take this run out harder from the start than usual.  Normally I just run at comfort and don't really push until the end.  This time I wanted to push from the beginning.  Unfortunately the course was marked only at 1 and 3 km and the rest was guesswork.  I noticed a very fit young lady from the start and it seemed I could match her pace well enough so I just went with her for the first 4km but felt strong enough after that to pass her and apparently I left her behind then as Jamie did not see her at all at the finish but Definitely Noticed her after I talked to her, if you know what I mean...He even memorized her number. 

At about what I figure might have been km 5 I was in dire straits looking for a spot to jump into the bushes and relieve myself.  We got to the start way too late (40 seconds to start of the 10k) to be able to avail myself of the "services" which resulted in a HUGE need to poop and I was getting worried I was going to become the poop girl of Cancun.  At this point I was SURE that I was running 6 min kms and was going to finish around an hour IF I managed to make it to the finish without shitting all over myself.  Add in the ass on fire from the run in with chen-chen and I was a mess.  I just wanted to get to the finish and go STRAIGHT to the portaloo.  Apparently that was what I needed to PR as I finished in 55 minutes, for me, a PR of 5 minutes.  I was so happy with that, especially with the dead legs from yesterday and ass on fire. Unfortunately, I must have had too much papaya at the finish buffet (check out the awesome fruit offered at the finish line) and I've been shitting my head off since.  Seems fitting to add non-stop diarrhea to an ass already on fire from chen-chen.  Still not sure if I'll be able to get on a bike seat today or not.  UGH!

looking at my results today, it looks like my first 5K was just under 30 min, so 6-min kms and that means the last 5K was negative split, for 5-min kms.  I am SUPER happy with that news.

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