Wednesday, April 06, 2011

So family had all but staged an intervention to get me to take a rest day. I posted on BT as well and was told it was most likely a good thing so I figured I'd give it a try. I expected SUPER legs the next day (as it had been around 6 weeks since my last rest day) but really, all I got was lethargy and depression. I hated how I felt the rest day - I kept thinking there was something that was missing and I ate pure crap. AND I didn't even have super legs the next day. So pretty much a FAIL in my book. I did, however revamp my training so I could theroetically take one should it become necessary.

I put 9 hours in on the bike last week and have also been playing around with zones. Well, I've finally figured out what they are and have been applying them to cycling. I'm not much liking that idea. I prefer to ride how I feel and go with that as obsessing over a number is killing my cycling joy. One ride I had to turn off the clocks and immediately it was fun again. I've been piling on the cycling kilometers as the sea has been wicked rough AND we had another shark attack. Decades upon decades of no attacks and 2 in the last short while and you know I'm staying out of the water when it is not crystal clear. However, my arms are getting super saggy and I'm getting worried. Not worried enough, however, to swim a bazillion laps in the pool (10 m pool I think). Jamie and I did another Tulum ride on Sunday and this one was much more tolerable than the last one AND I took 8 minutes off our ride time and 15 min off our total time AND we found a great water refilling spot (abarrote outside the Coke factory).

I am up to running almost 3.5 hours a week and feeling pretty good about that. I am crossing fingers I've hit on my injury solution but still have yet to see that PT. I really need to get my ass out there but it is such a hassle - 1.5 hours just to make an appointment. For now I'm trying to trigger-point roll my legs at least once a week.

I've also been thinking hard about the races to come and have pretty much decided against Guatemala in August. The entire triathlon is in a container port like area, 2 loops for swim, 5 loops for bike and (I think) 4 loops for run. Not the least bit scenic and it really COULD be as Guate has some amazing country. So I think it is going to be Veracruz 5-Junio where it will be a 1st triathlon but on the island reported to have ruins from Cortez (and protected, noone allowed) will be the swim start - we're taken by boat there and I assume swim to land. No idea of the Hotel sede, bike or swim routes yet. maybe a week before the event. :)

Now I need to find my training schedule the kids must have run off with so I know what I'm doing today. I really do need to get back in the water though. Still thinking about the sprint on 17-Abr but at $600 I think I might be saving my pesos for Veracruz instead.

Right now I'm running at about 12 hours/week training and I'm thinking that's a bit heavy but I honestly don't want to decrease it. I hope I'm not headed for burnout.

March numbers:
Bike: 28h 12m 45s - 857.12 KM
Run: 7 hours.
Swim 19,500 m.

Umm, a leetle heavy on the bike there.

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