Saturday, April 16, 2011

squirts and time off and I'm mellltttting.

So is it possible to lose all fitness in a few days' time? I've been taking rest day tras rest day tras rest day. Getting a lot of work in but reinjured my low hammy/high calf and then got the GI virus making its rounds.

What is it with vehicles that drive in reverse on the carretera? It is so common here it isn't funny but as a cyclist now, it freaques me out each and every time. If they're on the other side of the carretera I'll race them, otherwise try to avoid them.

I have 7 weeks (now) to Fuga (HIM). I'm not sure I'll be ready. I have until the 15th to pay (before the price goes up) and still haven't pulled the trigger on Cozumel (though I'm just a click away from paying right now, 1 tab over).

Summer is in full swing and I'm loving the heat. Jamie, not so much. Rides are now at 30C but humdity has been low this week - 65-70%.

Oh this update sucks - too much GI upset to make any sense whatsoever. But I'm still alive. This week starts 2 weeks of Semana Santa and even though we live at the beach (where everyone heads at SS) I think we might head to Valladolid or Merida for a few days. I have my eye on a jersey over there... :)

pulled the trigger. EEEK!

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