Friday, March 25, 2011

i RAN!

So I have this little "thing" with my leg where I suspect chronic microtears. I've tried so very many different things I can't keep track, the last being BarryP's 1:2:3 plan and I had really high hopes. I have been VERY conservative in my mileage, sticking to 5% increases and looking longterm (November) not shortterm. And I really thought it was working. Until my sprint tri last (a couple) Sundays ago - coming off the bike I knew it was going to be a problem but it was up So High (in comparison to other times) I was hoping I could just power through it. This, quite frankly, is how I usually get into trouble. I figure I can just THIS TIME (because I've conveniently forgotten all the Other Times I've done it) I'll abuse it and THEN I'll take care of it. Didn't work this time either. So I finished the triathlon barely able to walk (but HEY, I finished) and 1 min out of 1st place in my AG (yeah, that still rubs me raw cause it was MINE damnit :)) and thus it was worth it. Or so I let myself believe.

The last 2 weeks have been rather joyless as I am getting more and more resigned to the fate of Injured Runner Syndrome but I've continued to push the leg on the bike and after a hard ride yesterday I had no twinges, no pain, no discomfort and as such decided to run after the bike. Just a short run to check things out. Normally, when I get this injury running it takes a good 2 weeks off running and then a couple weeks easing into the run (4 min at a time) to be able to do it but yesterday I had no problems at all. So I'm hopeful there.

Secondly, I might have found a PT down here but unfortunately I have to go to the clinic (about 45 min away) just to make the appointment (for another day). I can't afford to take that much time out of my workday just to make an appointment so I'm going to ask an acquaintance to do so. And when/if I go to the PT I'll have a bit more hope that some day I won't have that constant threat of injury over my running head.

On the bike front the kilometers have been low (160-200) but I'm still way ahead of the training schedule there so I'm not worried about that. I did have a weird day yesterday in that I just wasn't into the ride mentally so I decided to work it really hard. I averaged a 136 hr but my time was pretty much the same as usual (with a mid 120s hr) but at least I powered into the workout and didn't let up the intensity. We normally work the outbound side (tailwind) and slack the inbound. Yesterday the wind was pretty much nonexistant and I really worked both out and back. Pretty happy about that. Swim feels pretty strong - rough water (beginning to realize that is the norm) and my stroke feels strong.

Still not sure what my next triatlon will be, there are a couple sprints coming up soon (3-Abr and 17-Abr) but I might just save my pesos for the HIM. Except now I'm looking at 3 different ones so I guess I should just decide already. Oh and the offroad (about sprint length but takes the elites 3.5 hours to finish) in May. Hmmm.

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Adam said...

RE: Cipro, unfortunately I do have a cultured infection that was resistant to round 1 of Bactin - so on to the big guns. Bleh!! You're right it is nasty stuff.

That really sucks that you have to take that much time just to make an app!! but, good that you can get someone to make it for you. :)