Monday, April 18, 2011


So my calf hates me. Pretty sure. I went to bed the night before last with a (rather) healthy calf and woke to incredible pain and a knot in my calf I could neither find nor get rid of but one that wouldn't allow me to walk much. I'm guessing I got dehydrated with the GI virus and 650 mL of Electrolit/day didn't do the replacement.

I've never had an injury that wasn't completely debilitating so this one is really throwing me for a loop. I did my swim (longest yet at 3000 m) and figured I'd walk my "run" as I was pretty sure a run wasn't in the leg. I warmed it up for 5 min and took some precautionary jogs and found as long as I went super slow it felt like I could run forever. There was a point I felt would be very damaging and painful (the pain was a great warning sign) but as long as I stayed away from that point (slow) I was good to go.

I checked the stats for last year's Coz IM and there was not one finished in my age group from Mexico. I also checked the top 3 times and each of their splits. Wondering. I think today I crossed the bridge from "just finish" to "do well".

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Michelle said...

How fascinating to be that "in tune" with what your body needs!