Sunday, May 01, 2011

trying new things

So I've been focusing on riding the drops lately. We had a visit from my sisters and my BIL brought a bike mag (actually a SLEW of them! :)) for my husband and I saw pics of pros (well, ads and such) and they were riding the drops. DOH! What a concept! So I've started riding them more and more and getting more comfortable with them. I suspect that they are a savings in the wind but I find I can actually go faster riding the brake hoods (I think I use more of my quad). But I still think it is a good thing and I'm keeping at it.

I had a nice run of swimming until we got tropical storm-like seas and I'm hoping to salvage this week's planned 7000 m with a 4000m hit today. I took the kids to a cenote yesterday and hoped I could do something of a workout there but it is the end of Semana Santa and the cenote was PACKED. So today is my last hope for getting in the water this week. I made a radical change to my stroke from the "S" under the body we learned decades ago in AAU to high elbow something and I can feel a distinct power difference. Unfortunately my swim partner (Pike) is still land-bound due to the cudda that scarred him (not physically) and I'm hoping he'll be back in the water soon. He has a birthday coming up and was certain he'd be getting a Quinceañero this year. I had to be the breaker of bad news to let him know only girls got Quinceañeros. Poor boy.

I've been dodging a GI virus that has had us all down for multiple days at a time but still running sporadically enough to know the bike calf muscle thing is now fixed. For now. I do need to find that PT though and am Going To Call Her on Monday or die trying. It has been heating up; the humidity is finally back, but I'm still able to go out in the heat of the day and workout so that's good news.

I had 7 hours of biking on the schedule this week but was sick for 3 days of it so I did 2 monster days. I'm getting more used to the 90km ride (3 hours) and that went rather well. I was tired at the 70km point but my legs felt really pretty good throughout. Then the day before yesterday I did a 120km ride and rather than heading out the Coba road (from Tulum) to get in the distance, did 2 loops of our medium ride. I really thought the 2nd loop was suck but my water stop was David's store and I realized I could leave Cytomax powder (and maybe Electrolit) there if I do this again AND the 2nd loop was not the mental drain and mess I thought it would be. So that was excellent news. I also managed to average 4:10 for both loops riding time (with an additional 8 min of water purchase and refills) and I found I really needed 4 liters for the ride. I'm also looking into electrolyte replacement as the Cytomax was useless there (at 1 scoop/750mL water). I was quite dehydrated and cramping afterwards. I bricked a 20 min run to the end of the ride but I was in such pain from the neuroma flare I didn't think I could run. Strangely I was more able to run than NOT to - the pain went away running. Dr. Google says I need to move my cleats back and so that's next on the list. So I made some findings with nutrition, found 2 loops aren't completely evil (IM Coz has 3-60km loops so this is perfect for me) and my legs held quite strong for the ride. They were heavy the day after and I'm not surprised as I did bonk on the run (but expected it, I didn't want to deplete my GU so I rode the last hour + run without). All in all a very good experience.

Lastly, the girls have finally decided they're okay with missing riding (horse) lessons so I can do the HIM in a month (ACK!) so that's back on the front burner. I still need to get a USB Telcel stick so I have internet on the road (and can work while we're traveling to Veracruz) but I am almost certain the HIM is back on the calendar. Now I just need to convince myself I can run the 21km at the end. I'm thinking of Gallorunning as I am only at 3 hours/week running with all the sickness and injury. Not sure what to do there. I experimented with a Gallorun my last long (hour) run and it didn't totally suck. I ended up with 8 min run 45 sec walk and that seemed okay. So that's what I'll be working on this month.

April totals:
Swim 14264 m
Bike 857 km, 29.25 hours
Run 10 hours.

Pics are of me on the 120km ride at the XpuHa Maya ruins (background) and the kids at the cenote.

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I think pike should get a Quinceañeros. really