Monday, March 14, 2011

Ok, race report

I was really surprised by a LOT of things. This is my first triathlon in 25 years or so and my 2nd ever so I was really pretty much a tri virgin. I was up (without alarm) at 4:15 as the drive back home from package pickup took an hour. I wasn't sure how long it would take us to get there and knew we'd have to park out away from the site and walk in so we left at 5:00 am. Had 2 pancakes (thanks sweetie!) and cawfee for breaky. Had just about pulled up to the parking when I realized I'd forgotten my goggles. I've tried OWS without goggles before and it is pretty much impossible so I was begging in the parking area. No-one had any to spare. I rode my bike to transition and begged there and some Very Prepared (#76) individual had brought a spare pair and seriously saved my life. It turned out that he was in the next bike rack from me - almost neighbors and it was easy to drop the goggles off out of the water.

Looking back I realize now they racked us according to age and I could have taken that opportunity to check out my competition (4). I think there were only 38 women total and 148 that started. Not a bad showing for our area and a first race and super easy to get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd with the deepest category (femenil) with 8 and most with 4. So super easy to place in your AG. I setup transition as best I could (taking example from those around me) and then Pike and I headed out to the beach. I'd already scoped out the funky swim the day before so I just tried to warm up a bit and then waited. Finally we were off and I was glad I'd gotten in to warm up as when I'd gotten in to warm up the cold of the water had taken my breath away. At the last minute (literally) they put all the womens in the same wave (I was at the very back as we were supposed to have our own wave (the green hats) and I scrambled to get the goggles to fit and we were off. I just kept trying to keep swimmers in sight as the visibility was absolutley ZERO. I don't know what they have up there at Tres Rios but is isn't the clear water we have here in PaaMul. At any rate I was swimming hard - over the breakers through the chop, to the bouy and then running over the sandbar to the laguna to go up river. EVERYONE was bitching about the river afterwards. I'd swum up through the yellows, greens, blues and blacks and was battling all the black caps in the river along with manglar roots (at one point I had to stop swimming and just pull myself out of them) and at one point almost lost my goggles - had them smacked off my head and I had to retrieve them. I thought we were relatively close to the finish of the swim so I didn't bother to put them back on but at a body jam (where you literally could not move) I put them back on. Coming out of the swim one of my steps went round and round - perfect finish to that swim. Oh, and did I mention we were going AGAINST the current? Can't wait to do it again. :) I was working HARD on the swim though and was breathing every stroke - it's a sprint, right?

Transition was a fracaso. I need to practice that. Sand everywhere, lots of bikes still on racks (I was 3 minutes slower than the fastest female) and it looks like I was 5th female out of the water (out of 38 total). That is surprising to me as I felt completely underprepared for swimming. It was at this point that I really missed a water bottle but the fresh water of the river was nice to "clean up" with.

Bike was uphill to the carretera and then 3 laps on the carretera and then back down and 250 m before and after running with the bike. I HAMMERED the bike. At first I let a couple guys pass me but then I latched onto the wheel of one guy and then traded him for a faster guy on the 2nd loop and the 1st guy and I held his wheel until the last half of the 3rd loop. I honestly thought I'd have to let go of the guy's wheel - my HR was mid to high 150s the whole time, I was working hard and starting to loose it on the last half of the last loop. I held on though and on the 2nd bike run (250 m) realized my leg and I had a problem. I was pretty sure I was still 1st in my AG (and I was) and just wanted to try and hang on for the win. The leg got worse and worse and when I was passed I just couldn't limp fast enough to keep up (and eventually, as with my plan) to pass her and she ended up finishing a minute ahead of me. Our (old) age group beat the entire 40-45 AG and much of the previous. We were 17 and 18 out of 38 so we beat half the field (all younger than us). Can't complain about that.

During the bike I wasn't sure I'd want to do this again, but now I can't wait to do another. Just have to figure out the leg issues. I also need to remember to bring goggles and a waterbottle. Oh and start my watch. Well, maybe WEAR a watch! :)


Iron Mike said...

Wow, you kicked some butt.
You swim all the time so it's no wonder you outperformed most of the field. But, tough conditions, impressive.
Great job on the bike, also.

Now, not sure how often you practice the bike-to-run brick workout, but maybe you add that piece and you've got everything covered for your next tri - and with experience under your belt.

Adam said...

NICE WORK!!! Top of the podium finish!!!