Monday, October 10, 2011

the secret to ironman

is that you look forward to the marathon after being on the bike. This past weekend in the space of 23 hours I put 8 hours in on the bike. Yowzers my delicate lady bits are complaining this morning. AND I was SHORT by 1:20. No way I was going to do more than I did. :) Saturday late afternoon I did the Tulum (88km) ride and early next am I was up for another round of Tulum and then back to the palapa to celebrate my youngest hitting double digits. Once she dedicated herself to the computer for the day (on their birthdays they get to do whatever they want) I headed out for another 2 hours and finished a hour shy of 23 hours. I was never so happy to set out on a run than I was for the brick (30 min) after that last ride. And I think that is the secret to Ironman. You're so happy to be off the bike you look forward to run. Sickos. :)

Today I'm supposed to put in another hour. I don't think so.

Got back from Merida on Friday and it is good to be home but I do miss living indoors. Now I need to really buckle down with training as October and November will be my last gasps. Next weekend I want to do 5 hours straight (or 6) on the bike to see if it would be possible. After this weekend I'm pretty sure it is. In Merida I know I got to a new weight low but without a scale I had no idea what it was, so this morning when I saw 69.4 on the scale I was really quite excited.

Picture is from the pool at Dolores Alba. On the way home from Merida we stopped to let Mom and Dad visit Chichen Itza.

Haven't done this for a while...
August totals (boy went in hospital 22-Aug)
Bike 17 hours 533 km
Run 7.5 hours 15.5 hr
Swim 45 min 20,400 m

September totals (left for merida 8-Sept)
Bike 15 hours 425 km (I have already equaled this in October)
Run 7.5 hours
Swim 45 min
17 days without any training at all

October totals (last week with food poisoning, etc.)
Bike 417.25 km 15 hours
Run 3.5 hr
Swim 1800 m

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