Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I'm starting to get exercise back in. I don't go for a ride unless is it 2 hours and have been trying to hit 30-45 min runs every day. I can't begin to hope for swimming - that will have to wait until Jesse is either out of the hospital or I am back at home. We need to stay in Merida another week after discharge (hopefully today if fever stays away) so I won't be back to the Caribbean waters for at least another week. Probably week and a half.

I've been either riding the periferico (not preferred) or out to Progreso and back. I prefer the Progreso ride as the carretera is THREE LANES wide and a big shoulder and seems like no traffic compared to the carretera at home. I exit for each overpass as there is always a lot of crap on the roads there and I don't like merging over to the right through freeway entrance traffic. It isn't a bad ride and Progreso is rather colonial in places. I don't think they get a lot of cyclists in there though but at least I'm not looked at as an alien. I take a quick turn along the malecon then back to the zocalo (through throngs of kids getting out of school (they run 2 turnos - one am and one pm) and then back to the carretera. I'm starting to like the ride.

I've lost around 3 kg since we left - when Jesse was hospitalized the last time we both weighed 71.8kg. Yesterday Jamie weighed him at 66.5 (he has not been eating at all) and I checked myself this am and with a jacket and all my clothes (and shoes) I was at 70.5. So I'm thinking around 68-69kg. I can definitely tell a difference and even had my sister buy me some smaller jeans as none of my old "skinny" stuff fits. I'm hoping I can keep those kilograms off as it can only help running and biking. I don't think swim cares. I know Jamie is still against me participating in the Ironman but I honestly don't think I can NOT. I have to try. If nothing else it will give me something to overcome next year. Oh yeah, unless I die out there I am sure I'll have something to prove to myself next year that, due to lack of training, this year I won't be able to achieve.

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Jody said...

Okay, I know where Jamie is coming from. There is part of me that wants you to not push it and get hurt. But, I think that you think like me on this, and you will prolly do what you set your mind to, so......Slow and steady wins the race. If you decide to do this, and you concentrate on long slow rides, and long slow runs from now until then, you have a chance to finish. (shoot for a nice steady 16-17mph pace for your bike at this point so you can finish....endurance over speed). Don't waste your energy on fast need several 6+ hour ones. You also need around an 18 mile run at the very least. The difference between 13 and 18 is felt very much. You need to feel that before this race. Anything over that before race day, at this point, will risk injury. Run/walk it. That will give you at least 3.5+ hours of running.

You know it is going to hurt. It was going to hurt before your training went on hold. Not much has changed there. It will be a sufferfest during the second half. But it was going to be one anyway, so what the hey.

The other thing you might ask yourself is: "how will this effect my family if I decide to do it?....if I get sick or injured?" I know that sounds goofy, but I find myself doing that now each time I hover above the keyboard to register for a race. And I am really, really trying hard to remember it as I feel better. My kids got really upset when I got sick. It scared them badly and I dont ever want to do that to them again. My famiy life has been so much more fullfilling for everyone now that I am acting like a mortal again. :*) (But you and I both know my superman suit is just under my "mom" clothes)

<3 ya!