Saturday, October 15, 2011

Invest 95

Whenever we got more than an hour of rain there is a good chance it will become "something." So after a full day of rain I figured we were under "something" and unfortunately it came during my Cannot Miss Another workout due to the 8 weeks I took of during Jesse's illness so I have to get it in somehow. I have 6.5 hours of riding to get in and it is looking like it will be tomorrow. I (stupidly?) believed Accuweather and Wunderground who pegged tomorrow as less rain and half the wind speed but looking at the current map, I'm not so sure. If nothing else tomorrow will be a day of less traffic as most don't work Sundays and with the weather people will likely be staying home. So if nothing else there will be fewer cars on the road. Only road around here for hundreds of kilometers. Last night I learned a good lesson in swimming - I've gone from 0 to 9000 meters this week and my old shoulder injury came out SCREAMING last night (with 2 days in a row of 3000 m). This is so sad as when I was a kid I did 10K a DAY during long-course season. How far we fall when we age. So no more back-to-back days of swimming. But the stroke that is there does feel good. I'm feeling positive about that aspect of the IM but I STILL don't even know how far we're supposed to swim but figure it has to be double the HIM and the HIM was 1.9 so the IM must be 3.8, right? I'm pretty solid on 3.8 km so I'm feeling confident on the swim front. Just have to keep the shoulder healthy.

Running is going well enough so far but I'm trying hard to restrain myself. I keep wanting to pile on the distance but I know I really shouldn't. I finally thought during today's (very wet) run that I can probably double my workouts by adding water running, but I'm not sure I'm up for 2 hours of water running (to add to my 3 hours of land running). The boredom might kill me but being more prepared for the IM just might be the tipping point. But the boredom. Geez.

So tonight I'm going over nutrition (Cytomax, Cliff Bars and GU) and figure I'll go with 2 loops of the Tulum route (90 km) instead of going out to Coba (180 km RT) for an increase in available abarrotes for water/Poweraid and easier pickup (should I need a rescue van). I've done Tulum about a million times so the boredom might kill me (beginning to be a common theme) but next long ride I'll try for Coba. Course that's assuming I'll be able to make it 6.5 hours on the bike. Big question in my mind but it will be a relief if/when I get her done.

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