Sunday, May 29, 2011

oooh, I'm getting antsy and scared

i keep watching the Veracruz weather and they seem to be running 5-10 degrees (Celcius) higher than we are (YIKES) except my thermometers are running about 5 degrees higher than WUnderground so who really knows. Well, I do know one thing - I'm pretty scared about the heat. I tried a last 3-hour ride on Thursday or Friday or something and just about died. I decided to try Real Food (pancakes) for nutrition and they SUCKED and it was 34C and apparently 43C with the heat factor or whatever they call it and I came home and totally bailed on the run. So today I had a 40km ride planned and very spontaneously decided to make it 60km and bricked a 1-hour run onto that. Except, I didn't actually PLAN any of this and it was 33C 65% (no clue on the heat index but Jamie's thermometer on his cycling computer (in Luddite) said 109-111 F so who knows.

So I bought about 400 mL of Gatorade and took in 1.4 L of fluid but still lost 2 kg of weight so that is a 3.7 L (or kg - isn't the metric system NEAT?) net loss over 2 hours (1.7 L/hr) which is pretty much not so good as I'm pretty sure I can only absorb about 500 mL/hr. And it wasn't really all that hot today (compared to other days) BUT I was feeling pretty fresh off the bike and quickly slammed down a GU (as I still had not eaten anything yet) and headed out for a run using an old bottle of something I found in the fridge. Really, very much a very bad idea with absolutely no planning. You know where this is headed, right? About 30 min into the run I started bonking. Headed home, got a can of coco water and another GU and headed back out. I stopped at about 1 hour 4 min (and about 9+km) and walked it in. Jumped immediately into the sea and cooled off but was still really dehydrated and even after 1200 mL of Electrolit, 500 mL of soy milk, much more water, coffee, etc., I've only peed once all day long. Still slamming the liquids even now at 9pm.

BUT, now I have a nutrition plan. I will be doing Cytomax and Electrolit on the bike with GU and Electrolit and GU on the run. And I will not fall to temptation of running off the bike (like I did today) at a good clip, but instead Gallowalk. That was another thing I wanted to figure out today - feeling good off the bike I hit the run at a good clip but after 30 min I was toast and started Gallowalking, so I now know I really need to Gallowalk from the start. I'm still not confident about the HIM but I do know I'll finish. I had plans to actually race (I was hoping to take my age group) but now I'm not sure. I think I'll just have to see.

We'll leave Thursday early and head for Frontera Tabasco and then hope to be staying in Veracruz Friday night. Package pickup is Saturday along with swim practice along the route. I have the hotel figured out and we're within walking distance to Costco and a block from the beach. If absolutely nothing else it will be a nice trip but I'm skeered enough that I kinda just want it to be over already. I'm really worried about their 46C heat index temps. I had hopes for a swim under 40 min (I've been hitting around 9 min for 1000 m in the pool), a bike around 3 hours (under would be perfect and about what I do here) and run of 2.5 hours or so. Not so confident about the run - it will be during the hottest part of the day. The only HIM I've done was likely 25 years or more in the past (can't honestly remember WHEN I did that HIM but it was likely 1984 or so) and all I can remember is that my time doubled would have been around a 14-hour IM so I did at least a 7-hour HIM. I'd really like to beat my 25-year-old self. :)

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Jody said...


Follow your plan and you will do great. The adrenaline will have you charging after the bike. Hold it back and pace yourself. Save it for that last mile so you can finish strong!

We will be yeehawing for you here in Texas!