Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well, we now have a schedule to work on.

Sissy wants: (starting Tuesday)
Reading Game: 3-4 times a week. Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Math (Singapore 1A): 3-4 times a week. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Handwriting: 3 times a week. Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday
Art (Artistic Pursuits K-3 book 1): Wednesday, Sunday
SOTW1: on science day with boys
literature: daily
Spanish: daily
ETC: 3 days week.

Ellen wants: (starting tomorrow)
Spanish: daily
Reading Game: daily
Math: daily
Handwriting: Monday, Sunday, Tuesday
Art: Wednesday
literature: daily
ETC: daily

Pike wants: (started today)
copywork or dictation
Math (TT7)
Writer's almanac
independent reading
I read History to them
I read an "Every Kid" book
Spanish (videos right now and then Destinos)

Sunday he'll add Art (Artistic Pursuits 4-6 book 2) and Critical Thinking (A Case For Red Herrings and maybe The Art of Argument after that or Mindbenders)
Monday he'll add watching one episode of the TTC Joy of Thinking DVD course
Tuesday he'll add Geography and Tuesday Tea Time
Wednesday he'll add Science Experiments and memorization
Thursday he'll add sociology (World Religion book, Teens Courage book) and memorization
Friday he'll add Friday Free Write and sociology
Saturday he'll add critical thinking

Jesse is still undecided but before Xmas said he wanted to do math and Spanish. I also got The Art of Argument and Calligraphy for him. We'll see.

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