Saturday, October 04, 2008

Girls October and November

Read SOTW Intro and Chapter One.
Next to read A Child's History of Art chapter 1
Do painting project making paints from natural materials
Next to read the Archeology book we have (and have read ad nauseum),
The Dinosaurs Before Dark insipid book

Start a timelines project: Timeline of a year, timeline of our family
Talk about history - have girls define "history" and "archeology"
S: old times, story; your history, when I was growing up
E: making friends and other stuff, my life
E: people that find stuff that's been left behind by other species of people (missed and then she changed to nomads) that so they moved (she had something about wheat in here and agriculture then moved to Archeology) and then tall vines growed over then so that you can't see them and then people chopped down the vines and found the ruins that the people were (missng words on my part) eat and they find left behind toys and left bowls behind

Make a history of my family book and personal timeline to the extent they want to

Explore geography
Explore Africa through stories
Explore Asia, Europe, South America, Australia and Antarctica through stories

Play Geospy game
Pick out and view pictures from all continents

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