Friday, January 30, 2009

Materials I STILL need to purchase

  1. decide between PLL and FLL for Sissy.
  2. ETC 1 for Sissy
  3. GRFTC A, B, C for Ellen
  4. Singapore 1B WB for both girls
  5. some Spanish curriculum for the girls (First fun with Spanish DVD, stuff here, stuff here, Puertas Abiertas $135, Clase Divertida $70 @ HC)
  6. SYRWTLS and Latin for boys
  7. Spanish for Children? for Pike
  8. LOF for Pike?
  9. Ghandi (DVD) for boys 11.99 Amazon
  10. A Passage to India (DVD) for boys.
  11. China DVD for boys (The Last Emperor? $19 Amazon)
  12. Gilgamesh The Hero for Pike 6.74 Amazon

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