Sunday, July 20, 2014

i need to remember to take July off the calendar next year

i seem to remember last year was horrific for July also and I missed a crapton of training time and this year looks the same.  a few weeks ago i ate something bad and had a wicked case of food poisoning.  followed that with a week of head cold and coming off that am now down 2 days with a severe (for me) asthma attack.  I'm very glad I bought a nebulizer though because between the neb, the albuterol and the prednisone I think I might be kicking this thing. 

Your mind is a funny thing because during the days I was down hard I'd keep thinking it was all in my head and i was making it to be worse than it really was but then i'd think, well, i couldn't talk without taking a rest between words and couldn't eat without taking a rest between bites (to breathe) so I'm thinking that's maybe a sign it was a good attack.  Everyday I'd wake up and think THIS is the day i get to go out and train again, but, no...and then i'd bargain, well, maybe just a swim? and then i'd get up to go to the bathroom and have to hold onto the walls for support between coughing bouts.  so, nah.

but today i'm feeling much, much better and bargaining for just a short ride or just a short run...  Jamie and I have been enjoying Le Tour this year and watching Eurosport and loving Lemond's coverage.  Well, Jamie still tries to get the stream of Phil and Paul but I personally prefer Eurosport.  I've also decided we NEED to go to Europe and bike around Spain, France, and Italy.  And Portugal (but that is just a given and not based on tour coverage).  So once the kiddos are off, we'll be off.

i finally signed up for Cozumel's half IM after dragging my feet all year and am looking forward to racing that one hard.  unfortunately my plan to really work the swim this year has been dashed by first a shoulder injury and now the hell month of July.  So not sure what will happen there.  My cycling times in training have really been coming down and I'm very happy with that sport.  run is still my weakest and i had wanted to chase a sub 2-minute 21k but now i'm not so sure about that either.  so lots of questions for a hopeful PR.

i'm also really jonsing after the Cozumel IM.  I really had written that one off but the spectators make it SUCH a fun race I'm not sure i'll be able to hold off that siren's song even though i am really planning a Caribbean island IM end January that I'm really looking forward to.  only question is whether it will be just Jamie and I or the whole famdamily. 

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hikejmt said...

Just so you know, Chet & I are coming with you on the bike tour of Spain/France/Portugal. FYI