Friday, June 20, 2014

run and bike and is there something missing?

one of my neighbors got a new toy and took a picture of the end of my run.  i'm really going to miss the run route when we leave.

after this coming school year, Sissy will be looking at prepa and neither boy enjoyed a single day of prepa so we're thinking we might be leaving Mexico next summer.  At first we thought we had to find a place to settle down but then i thought maybe we'd go back to our roots and hit the road again.  the girls were so young (2 and 4 when we started) the really don't remember much.  So now we're looking at options (5er, TT, toyhauler, Class C?) and seeing what is what.  i'm really looking forward to cycling somewhere other than only 1 road (we have the option of either north or south there and that is the only road) and running on trails instead of sand.  though, looking at the above picture, the sand doesn't look so bad. 

then there is finding a place to swim.  which seems to be rather a problem.  i'm romantically envisioning clear creeks and lakes warm enough to swim in everywhere we go and i'll tether myself to something.  i'm guessing it might not work out that way.  also have to figure out internet.  we used satellite last time but i'm not sure i can handle the FAP.  i've begun logging my personal bandwidth usage to see what i currently use.

shoulder is starting to come along.  no pain for 2 days.  i think i might test the waters today and see what happens...hoping it was just bursitis.

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Jody said...

I have been meaning to comment but life has been in overdrive here. WOW!! That is a big change of plans but makes perfect sense. I for one will be glass to see you back on the road having some new adventures and writing about them. Will you keep the palapa and return from time to time? Will be stoked to hear more of your plans.