Sunday, March 23, 2014

heavenly holbox

So it is a week later and we're still gushing about Holbox.  It ended up being a girls' weekend as Jamie took sick.  We took what we thought was the longer way - up via Cancun - but it ended up being 30 minutes shorter than the "short" way via Coba, and that was with a road washout.  Course, here, 30 minutes is a sneeze.  We stopped at Costco for a coffee stockup on the way out (and to get cheap hotdogs for the girls for lunner) and to break up the drive a bit.  The ferry over to Holbox was a bit of a sticker shock (even with the race discount of $90 each way) and cost more than the 1 hotel room for a night.  That said, I'd come back in a heartbeat.

We really only scratched the surface by hitting the beach all 3 days (arrival, race day and day after race day) and renting bikes ($15/hr - super cheap compared to a golf cart at $120/hr) to see more of the island.  The last day I actually was so comfortable there that I let the youngest two rent bikes and toodle around while I went for a run.  Speaking of the run, it was a bit short (9.7km by Google Earth) and I still PRd even with the extra tacked on (with assumption of same average pace).  I think it came out to 53:45 or so for the full 10K and the 9.7 was 52:22.  I was over the moon with that.  I guess consistent slow running is working finally.

It was amazingly beautiful there and I would LOVE to dump our Isla Mujeres plan for Semana Santa and go back, but that is my first triathlon of the season, we've never been to Mujeres, and if nothing else, the ferry to Mujeres is about 1/2 the price of Holbox's.  ;)  I have been awful with training lately and finally downed some way-expired parasite meds to see if that will cure the stomach woes.  Honestly, we should have been doing the every-6-month prophylaxis all along but details...  Finally got out on the bike yesterday and had a GREAT ride - great power and managed to brick a run.  So getting back into the swing with a couple weeks left for Mujeres.

Not sure what I'll do in May as the PLL is just too expensive but I'll find something.  I'm really liking having the opportunity to race so much more - gives me something to look forward to every month.

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