Sunday, March 16, 2014

Changes in attitudes...

I'm pretty much decided not to do the PLL (Cancun to Isla swim).  I was sick during the week that the rate went up and not only lost a week of training (that according to real swimmers I REALLY needed as I'm woefully light on 10K swim training) but lost the "cheaper" rate.  Honestly the cheaper rate wasn't that good anyway.  Then Jamie got the bug and it drove him finally to Dr. Simi who prescribed abx and Flagyl (hoping, I assume, to cover both bases).  So he is at home this weekend while the girls (and their friend) and I headed to Isla Holbox. 

I have read a decent amount about Holbox and it has intrigued me but it is a little far and we just never got around to it.  When the local running event company changed their line up this year and dumped all but 1 of their normal routes and added in Holbox, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me.  I think I was the first one signed up.  :)  It has turned out to be an incredibly expensive trip though, so now I'm thinking I know why not too many people come here. 

I had planned to work in the car the entire drive but when Jamie bowed out I was left as the sole driver and work was out of the question.  I have been trying to work a little less and be present for more family stuff but it is a very hard line to walk knowing if I can work more there is more breathing room financially and it has been a heavy year so far with our immigration renewals and school yearly inscription costs...but I'm trying and being forced into not being able to work (so far) this weekend has really been lovely.  We sang and talked a lot of the way up here and work has not intruded yet on the girls' fun.  So there is that.

Now I suppose I have a run to do (the excuse that brought us here) so I should do that.  And the girls are going to want breakfast afterwards - they already gave me the menu last night.  :)   I'm really glad I didn't sign them up for the race though as last night they decided they wanted to sleep in (and this was after sleeping a lot of the way in the car.  I'm loving the idea of absolutely no concrete anywhere today for the to see if the mozzies are going to carry me away...

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