Sunday, February 02, 2014

frente frios and the return of warm

I am having so much fun putting together races and little getaways.  Triathlon is really becoming more normal and common and every year a new race pops up.  We started the year with Merida's spring tri this weekend but for a first year race, they had quite a hefty price tag ($1200) that didn't even tempt me.  I still need to inscribe to Holbox and get lodging for Isla, but for now March and April are set.  We spent December and January with one frente frio after another.  Made for great swimming (calm seas) but frozen cycling.  I wore tights more in January than I think I ever have all winter here.  Yesterday heat was turned back on and today we had a great ride to Tulum. 

I've been swimming more and more this "off" season and have introduced 1-arm fly pretty consistently.  The other day I figured I was ready for full butterfly and did 5 (gasp) strokes.  then 10.  then 5 again.  The next day I did 10 and then 10 again.  such a swelled head from that effort I had no chance of drowning.  Yesterday I woke with such a sharp pain in my upper back I could barely move.  Apparently when you're old, butterfly is not a sport to spring upon yourself quickly.  Today I can take full breaths without pain but a deep breath gives a sharp stab of pain and a sneeze is agony.

I am becoming much more comfortable in the water - i'm zoning out and not really worried about the sea life anymore.  i still envision them out there and occasionally get twitchy but i'm enjoying swimming again and taking aim at 10k a week.  course now that the heat got turned on, the seas are boiling and lousy for swimming.  Above are the "ugly" seas down in Tulum from today's ride.  pretty to look at but really lousy for swimming.  We went out to the hotel zone to meet up with a friend of mine from long, long ago who is in town for her yearly yoga trip.

Below is the road out to the HZ of Tulum

Jamie and I out on the road today

Jamie and I along the Tulum HZ road. 

Another fracking flat.  Man gets SO many flats it isn't funny...

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