Thursday, February 06, 2014

dancing to La Migra

It's that time of year when we dance to La Migra.  We had thoughts that we could achieve permanent cards but we were told that (even though the law states otherwise) PdC would only give permanente for 3 years on an FM3 and were ignoring the 3 other ways to qualify and would not take old FM3s as proof of time here.  Maybe if we'd talked to a different person, but whatever.   Since Pike is going back to the Huenited States in the summer he's going to bus it to Belize, hand in his FM3 and come in on a tourist visa.  He's really looking forward to the trip - it will give him a bit of the taste of what is involved in travel (which he wants to do after working this summer).  Jesse is going to stay here for another year of music school (not that him being totally twitterpated has anything to do with that decision) so next year we will likely have only 3 kids in the house.  Weird.

Pike convinced us to let him drop out of school after Xmas break and has filled his days volunteering at Ellen's school and practicing for El Playarte's production of AIDA.  He started a few months behind the other kids so he is scrambling to memorize lines (in Spanish, natch) and the dance steps.  I'm not sure what happened to my kid who froze at new things and was so very easily overwhelmed but I'm enjoying seeing him jump into new things without a second glance backwards.  It seemed to come about so suddenly, however, that it is a bit unnerving though it is lovely to see your kids flower.

I spent about a week trying to enter the Holbox 10k.  Not because I'm dying so much to have a registered 10K but we've never been to Holbox and I already have 2 rooms reserved (we'll take one of Ellen's friends) but after sending Jesse to inscribe me on various attempts (the inscribing place is down in the tourist part of town, where he and his girlfriend spend many evenings) I was still without inscription.  Finally, on Constitution Day I was able to get myself down there.  I had to pass through the plaza to get there and listened to a pretty good speech while on my way.  Nice job Playa.  Finally I get to the store, entreat the guys working there to do their job and they offer me a licuado at 1/2 price with the inscripcion.  Okay, works for me - I'll give it to Jamie as thank you for schlepping me around (first to INM so I could make an appointment to get MY card).  It was a very pretty licuado (carrot, beet and apple) but like most things here, it was surprisingly NOT sweet.  I'm sure it was really good for me so I drank it like a good girl but man, that licuado needed something other that pretty color to actually make me want to buy one.  Jamie was so NOT impressed he refused to drink it.

It was super pretty though...

My new bike has been taking a week-long vacation at Estafeta in Playa.  I know Monday was a holiday but GEEZ.  Jamie might be trying to get some movement going tomorrow over there.  Sometimes "delivery" here means you drive 15 km to town, find the office, load your package up in your car and deliver it to your home.  Between not wanting to miss the "delivery" from Estafeta and horrific weather (normal winds instead of wave-calming norte winds) I've put in only 1 swim all week.  Ugh.  However, bike is on track and running way on track.  Back to 30-60-90 this week.  I like hitting 5 hours of running/week this early in the season.  Makes me think I've got legs "in the bank".

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