Thursday, December 20, 2012

recovery and moving on

The recovery this year has been so different from last year.  I'd have to check the blog, but I'm pretty sure I just ate and gained weight after last year's IM.  This year I was REALLY beat up afterwards and had pain I'd not had in my legs since my first HIM, but after a week I was chomping at the bit to run.  I actually did run after 5 days or so, but did run/walk as Zach had admonished me from running before a week was up.  I then lost all inspiration and wanted to veg.  So I did.  I pretty much did just what I wanted and didn't force ANY exercise at all.  As a result, I've swum ONCE the entire month of December.  Pretty much this is a picture from that solitary event.  Granted, it has been choppy but after swimming IMCOZ this year, I have NO fear of any chop.  I just really hate when I don't have crystal clear water.  We're shallow enough in our bay that chop and wind means murky water and I really hate that.  We have also had a lot of crap (sea grass, wood, etc.) in the water lately, so I have not been at all interested in swimming.  I do need to work my swim this year though, so I'm halfheartedly looking into pools in the area.  There MUST be some adults who swim around here Somewhere closer than Cancun or Cozumel?

Running has been going well.  After spending the year doing 6 days/week running I'm now experimenting with a streak of 100 days.  So far I'm 10 days in and feeling fine.  With all the kid events lately last night I was "forced" to run at night and it was interesting.  I did some tiptoe running through one jungle path until I decided I wasn't risking the cuatro nariz any more and ran the lighted grava road round and round the park 5 times for 45 minutes.  It is definitely an idea for summer but not being able to see the obstacles and potholes makes for much trepidation and I'd rather have the sun and be able to see where I'm going.  But definitely an idea for summer.

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