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IM Cozumel 2012 part 2

The first loop of the bike was pretty easy.   I had an envelope of Gatorade in me and I was just trying to keep my HR down around 120ish and keep it easy. I'd read that the first loop should be easy and I was surprised how I had to CONSTANTLY reel myself in and go slower. I saw 2 ladies in my AG pass me and it KILLED me not to go after them but I kept thinking that my goal was just to finish and I had to think of the run afterwards. So I reluctantly let them go. But dayum, that was hard. Saw the whole famdamily at the swim start on the 2nd loop and stopped to chat with them and hug the kids. DH stuck a banana in my jersey and off I headed again. This time my friend who lives on Cozumel caught up to me and I used her as a rabbit and kept her within 7-10 meters (I guess). Unfortunately after the great success of the banana and the Gatorade envelopes of sweet nectar, I was done with intake. I kept drinking water though and I was constantly DYING of thirst (yet I wasn't hot). I think that when the humidity drops like it had, we get super thirsty as the air is SO DRY. So I was adding NUUN tablets to water and drinking like a fish. I knew I was risking bloat but I couldn't figure a way out. I had to drink, I couldn't keep nutrition down, so it had to be water. Wish I had a coconut then though. Wish I'd brought 10 pesos like I did last year to buy one as they were open for business on the east side.

Second loop of the bike a guy passes me and says "(unintelligible) pelo" and my head is still in a fog of trying to make myself eat and mental math and roar of the wind in my ears and I look at him, register it was Spanish, and ask "mande?" to which he repeats that I have very beautiful HAIR! WhatTheEverLastingFUCK? I thanked him and figured he was one of those long-hair-liking guys but I have to say I was a little sad he didn't mention his awe at how I was CRUSHING the bike for an old fart! I mean, throw me a bone here! I'm dying on the course, can't get nutrition in but I'm holding a good pace for an old lady and he complements my HAIR? Maybe I wasn't crushing the bike after alll....Hmmm... Same lap. Lady (nice looking from the rear and very tall, I have to say) complements my braid. Ok, this IS getting weird. Did the kids paint it tri colored? Is there a sign stuck to my back saying "tell me how lovely my hair is?" Third lap. Same lady. Same complement. At this point I've forgotten I'm in a triathlon and am planning my hair modeling career. My head swells from the attention and bursts.

Last loop of the bike I knew I was getting in trouble. My legs NEVER let me down but they were failing fast. I knew I had to get some sugar in me but my stomach just recoiled at the thought. I finally remembered Jens Voight's "shut up legs" and said "shut up stomach" (maybe I needed Jens to say it as my stomach didn't even pause to listen) but I downed, very slowly, 2 GU and hoped that would do it. The winds picked up laps 2 and 3 on the east side but the transvasal (from the east side to town) calmed down to just cross winds so that was helpful. Only got the really helpful tailwinds in town and towards the swim start so I knew my bike was not going to go as I'd hoped. I had hoped I could do a 6-hour bike (before getting sick) but watching my average speed hovering around 28kph I knew that wasn't going to happen. I then thought maybe 6:15 to 6:20 at the slowest but I finally dragged in at 6:30. I think lack of nutrition really made the last lap the hardest. Maybe. I remember thinking there was No Way I was going to run a marathon after that. But, well, with all the families here, I certainly had to TRY, right? My stomach was uncomfortably bloated and I knew I would not be taking much in on the run.

I had amazing volunteers again in the tent and headed out for the run, not sure if I'd finish it. I had planned to do the first loop walking every aid station, the 2nd loop walking every other and running the 3rd loop if all felt good. Leaving T2, however, it was a nonstop constant aid station all along the malecon so I quickly changed to run 10 min, walk 1.  For some reason again (was I delirious?) the run laps seemed to go by faster than last year. Maybe because I was expecting them to be so long, I dunno. However, by the end of lap 2 the day had caught up with me and I was in good pain. My stomach, diaphragm, inner thighs, hammies were cramping and my calves were threatening succession. Where was my nice hair guy now??? I got some ibuprofen and headed out. I figured I could walk the thing and finish but dayum, I wanted a good time. I had NO IDEA where I was but figured I was looking at 14+ hours. I could deal with that but 15 would have been disappointing.

My BIL's sunburnt face was bright in my mind.  At the end of loop 1 he was screaming at me, "You've GOT this!" and was so excited and I was thinking "What the FUCK?  I have TWO more laps to go!  I haven't "got" this until I'm in the finisher's chute!  Are you INSANE?"  BUT, his face and his energy gave me something I can't explain.  I kept seeing his face and hearing his voice and just kept plugging along.  I tried some pepsi but couldn't stomach it.  I was doing 2 NUUN tablets in a water bottle and even tried some Gatorade but had to spit that out.  I'm thinking my extra layers of fat were a real help this time as I just Could Not Make ANYTHING go down the hatch.  So I just kept running (in retrospect I should have kept to the 10:1 as I was faster at that) until I though I shat myself. Yes, folks, I was SURE I was going to give poopman a run for his money and clenched whatever muscles were not currently cramped to SHUT THAT DOOR until I could find a portapotty (which, at Cozumel, are few and far between). I was SHOCKED to find Nothing in my shorts afterwards and honestly, quite confused as I was SURE I was holding back a load of crap but the only thing coming out was air.  I must have checked my shorts 3 or 4 times in the PortALoo SURE I had something in my pants but never found a thing.  

Again, finishing I had NO idea of my time (one of these days I'm going to get one of those new fangled wrist things that count time) and was SHOCKED to see a 13 on the clock. Somehow I managed to take 20 minutes off last year's time. I totally missed my girls in the stands as I was watching for them in the area they had said they'd be previously and my sister has a picture of them holding out their little hands as I bypass them, completely oblivious. Medical took me away as I couldn't stop dry heaving but since This Is Mexico I simply found the right person and lied myself out of the tent and walked back home with the family.

This year felt like an accomplishment. Last year was good but this year was different. I really felt like I Did something.  I was SUPER sore this year the day after (in comparison to no soreness last year) and even days later still sore.  However, this year I'm back on the bike twice in the week following Ironman and even though Zack told me not to run, I couldn't stop myself on Friday (I justified it as it was ALMOST a week after the event) and did some 5-min runs along my 5K route.  I'm a lot more tired than last year but Jamie and I are already planning next year's event.  I think I might need to pay my BIL's way so he'll be there for me on the run though.  I'm not sure I would have made it without him.  That 2nd lap I just wanted to lie down on the ground and go to sleep.  I really didn't care about much other than lying down and stopping.

Pictures to come.

So now the training starts for next year. Just before IMCOZ I found out you're supposed to do INTERVALS on the bike! WHO KNEW?

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