Tuesday, July 10, 2012

swim motivation

I think I figured out motivation for swim.  I put the kids in sailing class and the beach/cove/area they work in is adjacent to what looks like a sweet swim area.  Course I have to trespass to get there, but anything worth doing has some risk involved.  I'm actually jonsing to swim there and I am usually trying to figure out how to avoid the swim.  Course, there could be nasty baracuddas there too but I am hoping the ship traffic (marina so lots of boats) would keep them away.  Well, I can hope.  Hope to get back to a normal training week this week after a week and a half of very abbreviated effort.  And hey, Desitin is now my friend.

I think I made a stupid mistake in trusting MexPost.  I got some nice cycling shoes (for a steal) off Ebay along with a trisuit and had our mail service ship it all down.  That was a month ago.  People have been reporting success with MexPost so I thought I'd chance it.  I guess that was stupid and I should have known better.  So now I need a mule and to figure out WTH the IRS had sent me (as all mail is now missing also).  I was really looking forward to using shoes that aren't too narrow and a trisuit and am kicking myself for trusting the mail.  I really should have known better.

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