Monday, July 09, 2012

belly or crotch. it's a tossup.

So a month or so (or even more) ago, Jamie put my aerobars on my bike and while initially I never imagined I'd be coordinated enough to use them, I actually raced in them and had begun to try to access waterbottles while in aero and steer around obstacles and was really very much pretty comfortable after 2 hours in aero.  So then he decided my seat needed to be replaced as it had one broken rail and the cover torn in multiple places.  And that was then beginning of the end.  I had ridden about a week with the aerobars and the old saddle and was comfortable enough but the new saddle brought on issues I'm still dealing with even after going back to the old saddle.  Yeast (maybe?), open sores, friction rubs, pressure sores; I really have no idea what all I'm dealing with but it is beginning to feel overwhelming.  We tried making changes to saddle height, fore/aft, tilt and I found the Most Uncomfortable Position but never really dialed in anything "comfortable."

I've also been battling both a stomach thing and my yearly vertigo nonsense, though by today, it seems to have waned once again.  I have not been able to figure out WTH causes it, but it comes yearly and stays for weeks to months.   I got off easily this year.  So I'm going into a 2nd week of hardly any training.  Driving me insane and that is reflected in a 3kg weight gain which makes me just a little bit MORE insane.  Also when I've been sick for a while I start to doubt my illness (especially when it is vague) and wonder if I'm just being lazy or burned out or have lost all motivation.  It is a seriously sucking drain of positive thought.

But I've been trying to run and got up to 3 hours last week and have hopes that this week I'll get back into the swing of things.  But after such a long time of little to nothing, the motivation is sorely lacking.  And we still haven't fixed the bike/seat issues.  But at least I'm running.  And I need to get back into the water again too.  Hmmm...  11:00 a.m.  Good a time as any to do something. 

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Jody said...

Ouch. Sounds most def like the seat is a bad deal. I found with aero you need one of the split seats with gel on each side of the split. I have no clue which one I have as all the labels are rubbed off, but I can stay aero in it for 6 hours with just a break here and there. I just stated riding again and didn't even have the usual re-entry soreness. I think it is an older version of this one:

Any way we could order and try to ship it down to you? Maybe send it to me and I will rebox and ship it down? Its cheap, so maybe worth a shot?

Postion wise, make sure your shoulders are over your elbows, and seat should be pretty far forward to allow your weight at the front will feel the difference in the power you can put out.

Or better yet fly up to Tx and I will take you to San Antonio to hook you up with my tri shop for a tri-bike you can fly home with. It will add around 1mph or more to your speed. Duuuude, you need one! ;*)