Monday, February 13, 2012

long time... many kilos

So I worked all weekend, long days, and today there is very little work, so using this opportunity to catch up while I troubleshoot a noisy harddrive on my desktop. I gained a good 5 kg over December. Hard to believe that you can't continue to eat like you did training but without doing the training part. Who knew?

Winter was supposed to be run focused but instead, while I pretty much only ran in December, I injured my injury-prone calf twice in January. I've been cycling pretty much off and on but here in February I'm pretty much cycling steadily at least 3 short (40km) rides and 1 medium (60km) a week. I'm 5 days into running after the last injury and I'm going to stay away from the Newtons and Kirvana for a good long while and REALLY do the BarryP starting this week (natch) instead of thinking I can get away with 3 hours a week in random amounts.

But I've been in the pool/water only ONCE the entire year. It has been a very mild winter so I really have no reason not to other than shaving (TMI?, well, actually waxing) and the fact that until I get my "asthma" (diagnosed by Dr. Google) under control I'm limited to the 12? meter pool which is normally overrun with tourists...I'm not sure I had a point there. Suffice to say I need to get back into the water. And I really need to lose those damn 5 kg so I can get back to continuing the downward trend. I'd really like to see 65 or 67 kg this year.

The maid is here today! the maid is here today! (gawd I love her even though I still need to teach her basics)

Wore arm warmers for the very first time this winter yesterday. We've got a norte for the first time since last November and I think winter just might have finally arrived. Boo. Go back north.


Adam Ricklefs said...

OMG - I laughed SOOOOO hard at your comment on my virtual race report!!! TOOOOO funny!!

I hope all is well!!

Adam Ricklefs said...

I have an appt on Monday for my heart issues! :)