Friday, December 02, 2011

the aftermath and goals

OMG I did a MARATHON! I still can't believe it. That was such a HUGE obstacle in my head that I'm not sure I'll really believe it until I run one outside a triatlon. Yup, that's MY logic. It isn't real after 180km bike and 3.8 km swim, but done all by itself it would be real. Go figure.

I want to lose the flab I have on me - that will help much more than any toys, and work on an aero position on the bike. I want to make 30, 60, 90 (minutes) my "normal" ratio for weekly running (30min 3x, 60 min 2x and 90 min 1x) and I need to work on my swim. A 1:17 is just shameful especially on a "fast" course.

I got wicked sick afterwards (due no doubt to the norte that rolled in) and yesterday was so achy and feverish I didn't think I'd ever train again. Today I'm thinking seriously about a run. Just a very short 5k, but still something. I should probably swim too. I also need to figure out my race schedule (dayum but does that sound professional?) for next year and I really want to participate in all the great aguas abiertas (OWS) we have down here.

I don't think I could ever thank Jamie, the kids and my sister enough for the gift of their support and encouragement as theirs was over the top. I know I would not have been able to do it without them, so they are the real champions. Mil gracias familia mia.

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moongod said...

(I posted once, but it appears to have become lost in cyberspace! Yuck!)

So I’ll try to post again:

#1 – Congratulations to achieving what at one time looked like the “impossible” – Your determination and “heart” took over in so many moments during the day. Great show!

#2 – Congratulations and admiration must go to your family: Jamie (for the bike construction (and tire applications), for taking over when you had to train, for the love he bears you and the kids. Appreciation to each of the children – Jess, Pike, Sissy and Ellen for their enthusiasm and love for you and the achievement of your dream. Watching them cheer you on was an inspiration.

#3 – Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to Christina for her gargantuan job of documenting the entire experience. I continue to go back over the event and relive again and again the fantastic achievements by you, all the Hopcias, and Christina. What lucky folks we are – such an incredible family.

Great job everyone! Our pride knows no bounds!