Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caught between denial and dread

So I finally got the courage, after almost the entire season, to go topless. It finally got warm enough (we've been hit with norte tras norte) and I've slimmed down enough to wear just a jog bra. Well, maybe those around me didn't agree wiht the jiggle. :) I'm starting to realize that the long brick I did the other weekend is what has put me into the blahs. It was just too much I think. I just hope I recover in time to do Cozumel. All my big talk about a short taper turns out to be just that, talk. I rode only 5 some hours last week and ran only 4 or more and with only 3-4 hours swimming that made for a short week of training - lowest in at least a month. So much for taper. Fortunately I think I have the saddle issues on the run (so to speak) and will find out for sure today. Jamie also fixed my lack of shifting and what a nice surprise to be able to shift again!

So this week I think I'll adhere to the taper schedule and really back down on the running as I think this is where I really need to be careful. I'm alternately scared about what to come and excited (as my sister is muling down a SHITLOAD of crap), oh and there is that Ironman thing too (lalalala I can't hear you). I know it is going to hurt. I know it will be awful (Jamie keeps telling me about his horrific Terrible Two experience) but I'm hoping it won't all be hell. After all, I'm planning to do it again next year. (the ignorant are so cute, aren't they?) Yesterday I swam a straight 3000 m set and I was surprised at how strong I finished. Hoping it all holds together. Maybe duct tape?


Jody said...

Wow! You are so tiny! Congrats on a smokin hawt bod!! Free the hooters!

I was a tad worried about your load the last few weeks, but I think if you taper like a good topless, sexy mama all will be well. ;*) Sometimes it takes a few days of serious time out to recover. I tend to lean on the side of recovery these days because I know I will get really nothing out of pushing myself past that point of over reaching. It sounds like you overreached a bit and that is okay, as long as you pull back and chill now. You still have time to get some well earned rest.

Don't anticipate, and no dread. It is going to be exciting and fun and a story to tell your grand babies. Its your time!! Enjoy it and all will roll into place.

Jody said...

I just re-read this and had to LOLOL!! I though you said you went TOPLESS. As in nothing...walking the beach or whatever. I am such a blond.

Kathy said...

Jody you KILL me! :)