Friday, November 08, 2013

pulling hard for things happen in 3s

this evening the fleeting thought of coffee crossed my mind, so quickly I had to double take as it flew past my brain for it to register.  I have been without the Dark Lord for 4 days now and after 3 days of my throwing out my glorious cup, Jamie didn't even bother to offer me any this morning.  I just would have thrown it away also after trying a sip or two.  And it really didn't even bother me.  I thought maybe the coffee was off.

That's when you know you're really sick and ready to die  - when you go without coffee for 3 days and that doesn't ring the LOUDEST bell in your noggin as a SIGN that something is drastically wrong!

i had just started running and it was so nice to get back out there after 2.5 weeks of bursitis-induced rest and i was feeling somewhat encouraged that maybe i'd still be able to pull our a good race.  i have been thinking for a while now that i should be able to get down to 13 hours and this was my goal for this year.  unfortunately i was hit with a wicked fever after only 2 days return to running which eventually turned out to be typhoid. 

good thing i finally went to the doctor because of all the sickness going through my head, typhoid was not on my radar.  i suspected maybe dengue and more likely flu and every single day that passed without a workout of any sort was i was getting more and more stressed.  i'm now on day 4 of antibiotics and yesterday was my first almost full day out of bed.  i'm getting dressed every day now and spend most of the day out of bed.  i still need a nap and/or rest in the afternoon and today i considered very strongly going for a run. 

i got quite close to actually going but between teh typhoid itself and teh strong antibiotics, i'm not quite there yet.  which leads to the realization (finally) that i'm going to be hurting so incredibly bad during the IM I'm beginning to wonder why start?  i know i can do it (when not felled by typhoid) so, why?  And all i got is that too very many others don't have the bodies or opportunity to do so and if i have the opportunity and my body shows up for the show on december 1st, it is my responsibility to at least give it a try.

course it may be a moot point talking about doing an IM when i'm not yet spending teh day out of bed...3 weeks to go. 

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FitOldDog said...

Live to fight another day. There are plenty of IMs out there, so be sure you're recovered, but don't expect to feel ready for IM, one never is. Wishing you well. Only you can decide the right course of action, at the end of the day. Kevin