Sunday, November 18, 2012

denial and reviews

I am so certain of my imminent Crash and Burn in next week's triathlon that I am cruising on that river and agog with all the pretties my wonderful mules brought me.  So, some reviews are in order.  I had the following items brought to me by my faithful mules (in no particular order)

DeSoto trisuit.  OMG, the saga of this suit will live in (my infamy).  I ordered in late August.  Paid to have it imported directly from Swimoutlet.  The wrong color suit came and I was left without a suit for my HIM in September.  Customer service at Swimoutlet promised they would personally ensure the correct suit was sent out (too late for the HIM, but still) but I (in retrospect) very smartly had it sent to my folks in California instead of paying to import it here.  Wrong suit arrived Again.  Customer service again promises the correct suit will be sent.  Again, to my folks.  Again the wrong suit.  They then figure out they don't have the suit they're advertising on the internet and offer discount if I keep the one I have.  I hate the colors and figure since I am potentially stuck in another country with a suit I didn't order, I'm going to try yet another color combination.  Have it sent to my folks and it is a WINNER!  The exact suit I had been trying to order but in red instead of blue.  After the saga, it is already a win, just by getting a suit close to the one I had been ordering.  I really need to try it in the water and land, but for now I'm just happy to have a suit for sprint.

Aqua Sphere goggle, had mixed reviews but I decided to try them as goggles here have lasted only a few months before developing a hole or melting or other disasters.  Unfortunately, the view was so warped in the water that I got rid of them as soon as I could and went back to my Mexican headache-inducing but nonfoggy, nondistorted view goggles at 1/3 of the price.  Hoping to get a refund once my sister brings them back.  Amazon makes it pretty sweet for return with a UPS pickup or dropoff at your choice.

My swimsuits are getting older and I'm now getting chafing on my pectoral area with my good old Dolphin fuglie and also needed some nonallergenic chamois cream, so I decided to try the highly recommended Queen Helene cream.  So far it was seriously tempered the burn of salt-water chafing from the swimsuit but I'm not sure if the discomfort on the bike was due to old shorts or the new cream.  No hives, so it seems to have passed that particular allergen test.  Very slippery feeling without being at all greasy though.

I am LOVING the camera waterproof housing I got but then realized that the "dirt" I've been seeing in my pictures is apparently a lens scratch that really only becomes most obvious at about 4x zoom.  BUT the waterproof housing is GREAT!

to be continued...

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