Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was pretty sore (quads) a couple days after the HIM and after sitting in a car for 2 days I was sure I saw edematous ankles, but now I've got dengue-like body aches, fever of 38.5 (101+), gunky chest and the energy of a nursing home resident. After my fever decreased this morning I treated myself to some Tylenol which magicked away the horrific body aches and head-in-a-vise headache, but I'd like return the liquid shit that seemed to come with it. Is there another symptom I'm missing here? I've never had so many symptoms of so many illnesses (dengue fever, flu and gastroenteritis). I had hoped to be back training again by now.

Good thing IM training doesn't start until July.

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hikejmt said...

Hey Kit - Thx so much for posting the story of the tri. What a great race. It seems like you were SO well prepared. I'm thrilled the family could watch you. I know it was fantastic "sagging" you for the Santa Barbara tri you did ages ago. Hope the illnesses have abated and you are back in training. We love you!!! Your biggest fan, C