Sunday, September 07, 2008

Girls dip into Egypt and Mesopotamia

yikes, I need to totally re-do this I think but my brain is full...

Science for the Girls
Storybook of Science
Seed Babies

Story of Mankind (SOM) Chapters 1-3
create a timeline

SOM chapter 4
SOTW Chapter 2 (Egypt)
SOTW AG for chapter 2 until I get a hardcopy
Usborne ILWH pages 114-117, 134-139 and quicklinks
send postcards
CHOA Chapters 2

Read at least to page 7 of History of Religion (pdf on black drive) or up to page 12

SOM Chapter 5-6
SOTW Chapter 4 (Egypt)
Tut's Mummy Lost and Found
Explore Mr Donn's Egypt
Read up to page 12 of History of Religion

SOTW Chapter 3 (Egypt)
SOTW AG for chapter 3 until I get a hardcopy
A Place in the Sun
Classical Kids: An Activity Guide (don't I have Egypt already?)
Ancient Egpyt Treasure Chest (not sure)
when bored don't forget Storynory

SOM Chapter 7-8
SOTW Chapter 5, 6 (Mesopotamia)
SOTW AG chapter 5, 6
Gilgamesh the King trilogy
Usborne ILHW pages 111-113
use quicklinks for Usborne book
CHOA Chapter 3
Explore Mr. Donn's Mesopotamia site
History Pockets Mesopotamia ?

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